Custom Development

19452397_s-e14257662636211BeMoore have many years experience in custom software development.

We offer :

  • Large Scale Online Systems
  • Application Customisation
  • Application Development
  • Database Design
  • Excel and Windows Macro Programming
  • Open Source Development and Customisation
  • Customer data base ( CRM)


PHP is the programming language of choice for web applications. It is an immensely powerful language with lots of modules that allows virtually limitless flexibility.

Here at BeMoore we have 12 years experience programming in PHP, pretty much as long as PHP has been around.

We always use Object Oriented code where possible and use PHP frameworks such as UserFrosting, CakePHP and Yii.

We can also adapt your open source PHP scripts to do what you require.

If you have an existing application written in PHP or C++ and you want some features added or some bugs fixed then let us know.

Open Source is a broad term covering any software where the source code comes with the software. Some open source code is also open licensed, i.e. anyone can use and modify it without being charged a fee. Some of the world’s best companies critical systems are run on open source software, in fact the Apache webserver, the server software used on the majority of websites, is open source, and probably runs on a server running Linux, also open source.

There is a wealth of open source software freely available or for a modest price to use for your business. Shopping carts, content management, classified ad systems, auction systems, CRM systems, the list is endless.

We can implement existing open source software for your business or project, or customise it if the need arises.

For a list of systems we can install and customise, have a look here:


Our customer data base system ( crm)

BeMoore now provide a custom CRM service.

Welcome to CRMbel, a new way of looking at Customer Relationship Management for your business !

When a customer rings you, do you know who has spoken to him before now? If there are any invoices outstanding? Any deliveries that were late, orders that went wrong? Who else works at the company? That they enquired last week about a big order that at the time you couldn’t fill but you can now? Some other critical info that is specific to your business ?

CRMbel is a system that you can pay a monthly fee and customise it yourself, or we can customise it for you. This way you have a CRM system that is tailored to your business. Not only that, but after the initial investment, it is CHEAPER to run than Salesforce or other competing CRM systems.

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Contact us if you have any questions on custom development for your business.