SafeNsound: WordPress protection system

SafeNSound is our system for protecting WordPress sites.

Why SafeNsound?

If your site is a WordPress site, it is a complex piece of software that requires backup and maintenance. You wouldn’t drive a car for years without ever changing the oil or having it serviced. Your site is no different – and your car is not constantly being attacked by hackers from around the world !
SafeNsound will:

  • Reduce the chance of being hacked from a virtual certainty to close to zeroLock-logo-249x300 (1)
  • Daily scans for viruses and malware
  • Proactive monitoring of all threats
  • Keep site maintained and up to date
  • Monitor your site for downtime
  • Provide daily backups that can be restored in minutes
  • Google analytics
  • Seo analysis

All this and more from €30+vat per month!

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