kidscandoittoo-logo2-1024x204Launch your students into the future of web design and blogging at an early age by giving them the ability to maintain your school website !

Kids can do IT too !

A dynamic website with current, constantly changing and relevant content is key to your school’s ability to attract new students and communicate effectively with your existing students and their parents.

38074952_ml-1024x683Keeping your website current can be time consuming however, solve this problem by encouraging your students to update their class information themselves.

Your school could lead the way in progressive web technology. We can train your students in an age-appropriate and fully secure manner to edit and maintain your school website.

Give your pupils a technological head start in their education, while enabling them to update your school website.

We provide a course that gives your students a good understanding of website maintenance in a fully secure way, while promoting their understanding of online safety.

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Your school’s students will learn about:

  • The importance of having a functional and up-to-date website
  • Different elements of your school website and how to edit and maintain them
  • What a blog is and how to update their class blog content
  • The importance of online security and privacy

We will teach your students how to:

  • Maintain and edit the pages of their school’s website
  • Update images, videos and galleries within your website
  • Add blog posts, and how to ad images or videos to their class blog posts



Day 1

  • Introduction
  • What is a website?
  • Discussion of 4 different types of websites with examples
  • What information can we find on a website?/ What information can we find on our school website?
  • Different parts / structure of a website
  • Explanation of the difference between a web page and a blog post
  • Introduction of / Explanation of the dashboard
  • Posting our first blog post; Text and image.
  • Practice posting blog posts.
  • Discussion and appreciation of their posts and their friends’ posts.

Day 2

  • Revision of last week.
  • What is the internet, how does it work, where is it? / Explanation of different browsers
  • Learn the use of the quick guide ( will be provided)
  • Practice putting text and images in post
  • Learn how to go back into a post and edit.
  • Learn how to make the images smaller/larger/move around.
  • Learn how to make simple wordpress gallery.
  • Practice posting blog posts.
  • Discussion and appreciation of their posts and their friends’ posts.

Day 3

  • This lesson can be done in the live site depending on teachers approval.
  • Revision of last week.
  • Difference between WordPress and other websites. ( if the school site is a WordPress site)
  • Practice posting a blog post with text and image gallery.
  • What is a featured Image? And how do we use it?
  • Editing your previous post and adding a featured image.
  • Short explanation of how to add text / images to pages.
  • Explain how to add images to the media library.
  • Certificate of completion for all children.

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course content

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