Customer Database CRM

crm-tree1BeMoore now provide a custom CRM service.

Welcome to CRMbel, a new way of looking at Customer Relationship Management for your business !

When a customer rings you, do you know who has spoken to him before now? If there are any invoices outstanding? Any deliveries that were late, orders that went wrong? Who else works at the company? That they enquired last week about a big order that at the time you couldn’t fill but you can now? Some other critical info that is specific to your business ?

CRMbel is a system that you can pay a monthly fee and customise it yourself, or we can customise it for you. This way you have a CRM system that is tailored to your business. Not only that, but after the initial investment, it is CHEAPER to run than Salesforce or other competing CRM systems.

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