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Welcome to our blog

Hi, Bob here, just starting our new blog.

I will be trying to update this regularly with interesting titbits that I come across during the course of my work. More to follow.

Application Development

Here at BeMoore we can develop all kinds of applications for both the Internet and Windows machines. So if you have an idea for the next Facebook, or just want a program to read in an excel sheet of products into a database, then let us know.

Database Design

BeMoore can design and develop databases, in fact this was the business our founding member started life in, developing custom MS Access databases.  We also have experience of SQL Server and MySQL.

Open Source Development and Customisation

Open Source is a broad term covering any software where the source code comes with the software.  Some open source code is also open licensed, i.e. anyone can use and modify it without being charged a fee.  Some of the world’s best companies critical systems are run on open source software, in fact the Apache webserver, the server software used on the majority of websites, is open source, and probably runs on a server running Linux, also open source.

There is [...]

PHP Development

PHP is the programming language of choice for web applications. It is an immensely powerful language with lots of modules that allows virtually limitless flexibility.

Here at BeMoore we have 12 years experience programming in PHP, pretty much as long as PHP has been around.

We always use Object Oriented code where possible and use PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Yii.

We can also adapt your open source PHP scripts to do what you require.