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How your shop can compete with the big boys online

Do you have an old fashioned bricks and mortar shop?  Are you finding that online retailers are eating your lunch and coming back for dessert too?  You are probably wondering how you can compete on price and convenience. Well we might just have the answer: Click and Collect.

One of the major costs to someone buying something online, especially from abroad, is shipping.  This is sneakily added at the end of the process and can often [...]

WordPress security

Want to make your WordPress more secure than 95% of WordPress sites out there in 5 minutes?

Do these 4 things now:

  1. Update all your themes and plugins – click the Recycle icon at the top of the admin page – and delete the ones you’re not using
  2. If you have an account called “admin” change the name of it to something else (under Users)
  3. Make your password something with letters, numbers and symbols in it
  4. Have a read of this [...]

Customer Relationship Management System for Your Business

Are you having problems with your staff keeping track of sales leads?  Do you know at a glance what sales have been made or being close to being made?  Are your sales staff in the dark about the next few months?  Do you know the birthday of your biggest client’s eldest daughter was coming up next week?

If the answer to any or all of the above is no, then what you need is a CRM system.  We recommend Suite CRM, [...]

Keeping Credit Card details secure

Every so often there are scare stories like this one about hackers stealing credit cards.  If you have a website, it’s very simple to keep this from happening to you:

Don’t Store Credit Card Details !!!!!!

If you want to take payment from customers, use a service such as Realex, and have that handle any interaction with  credit card data.

That is all, short and sweet.




How easy is WordPress?

Just listen to Dawud Miracle’s intro below:

10 Reasons To Switch To WordPress

WordPress enhances websites at every step of the process. It allows you to save money, by taking control over your site (add/edit/remove content), incorporate advanced functionality (e-commerce, mapping, user submitted content, etc.) and get better search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons we believe you should be using WordPress.

1. Google Loves WordPress

It’s a fact, WordPress can make your website look better in front of the biggest search engine – Google. Clean, fast [...]

Word press android app

I just installed the WordPress app. it’s actually amazing how easy it is to update your website from your Android phone.

I’m playing with the speech to text feature on my samsung galaxy s2 it’s really easy to quickly make updates to your website!